I first met Professor Banas:


Hi, I'm Dr. Banas, professor of Cheerology at Elf University.

This term, I'm teaching “HOL 404: The Search for Holiday Cheer in Popular Culture,” and I've had quite a shock!

I was at home enjoying a nice cup of Gløgg when I had a call from Kent, one of my students who interns at the Elf U SOC.

Kent said that my computer has been hacking other computers on campus and that I needed to fix it ASAP!

If I don't, he will have to report the incident to the boss of the SOC.

Apparently, I can find out more information from this website https://splunk.elfu.org/ with the username: elf / Password: elfsocks.

I don't know anything about computer security. Can you please help me?

Objective Splunk


Oh, thanks so much for your help! Sorry I was freaking out.

I've got to talk to Kent about using my email again…

…and picking up my dry cleaning.

Next I spoke to Sparkle Redberry who was in charge of the Xmas Cheer Laser


I'm Sparkle Redberry and Imma chargin' my laser!

Problem is: the settings are off.

Do you know any PowerShell?

It'd be GREAT if you could hop in and recalibrate this thing.

It spreads holiday cheer across the Earth …

… when it's working!

Terminal Challenge Xmas Cheer Laser


You got it - three cheers for cheer!

For objective 5, have you taken a look at our Zeek logs?

Something's gone wrong. But I hear someone named Rita can help us.

Can you and she figure out what happened?

From here, I went back to The Quad