The Student Union is on North side of The Quad.

This is where I found the Turtle Doves, Michael and Jane. I visited the booths:


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I also found Kent Tinsletooth


OK, this is starting to freak me out!

Oh sorry, I'm Kent Tinseltooth. My Smart Braces are acting up.

Do… Do you ever get the feeling you can hear things? Like, voices?

I know, I sound crazy, but ever since I got these… Oh!

Do you think you could take a look at my Smart Braces terminal?

I'll bet you can keep other students out of my head, so to speak.

It might just take a bit of Iptables work.

Terminal Challenge Smart Braces


Oh thank you! It's so nice to be back in my own head again. Er, alone.

By the way, have you tried to get into the crate in the Student Union? It has an interesting set of locks.

There are funny rhymes, references to perspective, and odd mentions of eggs!

And if you think the stuff in your browser looks strange, you should see the page source…

Special tools? No, I don't think you'll need any extra tooling for those locks.

BUT - I'm pretty sure you'll need to use Chrome's developer tools for that one.

Or sorry, you're a Firefox fan?

Yeah, Safari's fine too - I just have an ineffible hunger for a physical Esc key.

Edge? That's cool. Hm? No no, I was thinking of an unrelated thing.

Curl fan? Right on! Just remember: the Windows one doesn't like double quotes.

Old school, huh? Oh sure - I've got what you need right here…

I found Shinny Upatree standing at the door to the Sleigh Shop:


Psst - hey!

I'm Shinny Upatree, and I know what's going on!

Yeah, that's right - guarding the sleigh shop has made me privvy to some serious, high-level intel.

In fact, I know WHO is causing all the trouble.

Cindy? Oh no no, not that who. And stop guessing - you'll never figure it out.

The only way you could would be if you could break into my crate, here.

You see, I've written the villain's name down on a piece of paper and hidden it away securely!

Objective Open the Sleigh Shop Door


Wha - what?? You got into my crate?!

Well that's embarrassing…

But you know what? Hmm… If you're good enough to crack MY security…

Do you think you could bring this all to a grand conclusion?

Please go into the sleigh shop and see if you can finish this off!

Stop the Tooth Fairy from ruining Santa's sleigh route!

I went into the Sleigh Workshop