Hello there! I’m Krampus Hollyfeld.

I maintain the steam tunnels underneath Elf U,

Keeping all the elves warm and jolly.

Though I spend my time in the tunnels and smoke,

In this whole wide world, there's no happier bloke!

Yes, I borrowed Santa’s turtle doves for just a bit.

Someone left some scraps of paper near that fireplace, which is a big fire hazard.

I sent the turtle doves to fetch the paper scraps.

But, before I can tell you more, I need to know that I can trust you.

Tell you what – if you can help me beat the Frido Sleigh contest (Objective 8), then I'll know I can trust you.

The contest is here on my screen and at fridosleigh.com.

No purchase necessary, enter as often as you want, so I am!

They set up the rules, and lately, I have come to realize that I have certain materialistic, cookie needs.

Unfortunately, it's restricted to elves only, and I can't bypass the CAPTEHA.

(That's Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Elves and Humans Apart.)

I've already cataloged 12,000 images and decoded the API interface.

Can you help me bypass the CAPTEHA and submit lots of entries?

Objective Bypassing the Frido Sleigh CAPTEHA


You did it! Thank you so much. I can trust you!

To help you, I have flashed the firmware in your badge to unlock a useful new feature: magical teleportation through the steam tunnels.

As for those scraps of paper, I scanned those and put the images on my server.

I then threw the paper away.

Unfortunately, I managed to lock out my account on the server.

Hey! You’ve got some great skills. Would you please hack into my system and retrieve the scans?

I give you permission to hack into it, solving Objective 9 in your badge.

And, as long as you're traveling around, be sure to solve any other challenges you happen across.

Wow! We’ve uncovered quite a nasty plot to destroy the holiday season.

We’ve gotta stop whomever is behind it!

I managed to find this protected document on one of the compromised machines in our environment.

I think our attacker was in the process of exfiltrating it.

I’m convinced that it is somehow associated with the plan to destroy the holidays. Can you decrypt it?

There are some smart people in the NetWars challenge room who may be able to help us.

Objective Retrieve Scraps of Paper from Server

Below is a map of the Steam Tunnels

Map of the Steam Tunnels

From here I went back to the The Quad.