Objective 2

Someone sent a threatening letter to Elf University. What is the first word in ALL CAPS in the subject line of the letter? Please find the letter in the Quad.

The lettertoelfupersonnel.pdf has not been flattened when it was created so it is possible to select the “hidden” text under the confidential boxes to reveal:

Date: February 28, 2019

To the Administration, Faculty, and Staff of Elf University 17 Christmas Tree Lane North Pole

From: A Concerned and Aggrieved Character

Subject: DEMAND: Spread Holiday Cheer to Other Holidays and Mythical Characters… OR ELSE!

Attention All Elf University Personnel,

It remains a constant source of frustration that Elf University and the entire operation at the North Pole focuses exclusively on Mr. S. Claus and his year-end holiday spree. We URGE you to consider lending your considerable resources and expertise in providing merriment, cheer, toys, candy, and much more to other holidays year-round, as well as to other mythical characters.

For centuries, we have expressed our frustration at your lack of willingness to spread your cheer beyond the inaptly-called “Holiday Season.” There are many other perfectly fine holidays and mythical characters that need your direct support year-round.

If you do not accede to our demands, we will be forced to take matters into our own hands. We do not make this threat lightly. You have less than six months to act demonstrably.


–A Concerned and Aggrieved Character


The Answer is “DEMAND”

The timing on this issue was interesting as I had just helped my son solve a similar puzzle in the same way.