Objective 7

Gain access to the steam tunnels. Who took the turtle doves? Please tell us their first and last name. For hints on achieving this objective, please visit Minty's dorm room and talk with Minty Candy Cane.

The objective is to create a key using the cutting machine in Minty's dorm room and then use (upload) it in Minty's Closet. But where to get the key?

As I enter Minty's dorm room, Krampus scampers into the closet. I saw a mention of 'look at Krampus. It was only then that I noticed that there was a key on Krampus's belt. Using the browser development tools, I found that there was a good quality image of Krampus.

Krampus with key

I then used [Deviant's Key Decoding Templates]https://github.com/deviantollam/decoding() to determine that the key was a Schlage. Once this was determined, I loaded the image of Krampus and the key decoding image into Gimp on separate layers.

After rotation, zoom and moving, I got to this point:

Key in Gimp

This lead me to a bitting code of 122520.


When this was used in the dorm room closet it opened a secret passage to the Steam Tunnels.

Entrance to Steam Tunnels

In Krampus' Lair, I found Krampus and when I talked to him he revealed his full name.


The Answer is “Krampus Hollyfeld”